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Unity vs. Libgdx


I’ve been struggling to figure out what game engine/framework to use for my games between Libgdx and Unity. Dario Penic made a post on his blog about these two tools which sums up perfectly the conclusion I came to; both are equally useful in their own ways. At first I wanted to drop Libgdx and […] Read More

Just what is Chrono Racers ’84?

Chrono Racers '84 banner

I’ve been talking about Chrono Racers ’84 quite a bit on Facebook and Twitter, but not in depth. I’ll eventually need to explain the project so here’s what I can tell so far. About Chrono Racers ’84 Chrono Racers ’84 is a two-dimensional racing game set in top-down view drawing heavy inspiration from the eighties, its […] Read More

New game projects

I’ve been working on two different games lately; “Exodus Storm”, a top-down view, objective-based tank game, and “Gaku: The Apprentice”, an open-world platformer à la Metroid. I have nothing official to show yet, but I wanted to at least talk about these games. In “Gaku: The Apprentice”, you’ll take on the role of a mage […] Read More

My plans for 2015

I’ve been gone for a while now and I feel I owe you an update. So here goes! After publishing Freegear Z I took a break from making games, so to speak. I tried working on other small-time projects but the inspiration just wasn’t there. Eventually I found a real full time job as a […] Read More

The OUYA: A developer’s point of view


I’ve had the chance to test the new Android-powered OUYA game console thoroughly, having owned one since its release, after pre-ordering it on Amazon. It seems opinions are split concerning the OUYA; some love it, some hate it. As for me, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the greatest invention since transistors, but […] Read More

Ethereal Masters 2 coming soon!


If you’re familiar with Ethereal Masters, the “strategic dueling card game” I made back at the beginning of my indie gaming career in early 2009, you’ll be happily surprised to know the sequel is on its way! I had to get this out of my system for too long now, so I’m very excited about […] Read More

My issues with the analog thumbstick


I’ve been playing first person shooters for a long time, since the early days of Quake, actually. Back then, it was fairly easy to navigate around and shoot things since it was understood that a d-pad was not conceived to move objects in a tridimensional environment, and 3d games weren’t as defined as they are […] Read More

Indie Game : The Movie

So I just watched Indie Game: The Movie… and it made me feel like a piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie and all, but all the imagination and efforts combined of the game developers pictured in this documentary make me feel like what I can amount to is really dim […] Read More